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State-Of The Art Technology. SUPHERB Execution.

The First Ever Sub-Ohm THC tank on the market. See How Our Next-Level Tech Changed Cannabis Vaping Forever


An ‘Ohm’ refers to the transfer of electrical heat. A regular vape tank uses a coil with a resistance greater than 1 ohm. Whereas a sub-ohm tank employs an atomizer with a resistance BELOW 1 Ohm. This lowers resistance of the sub ohm coil which results a more rapid heat transfer to the oil. Our Sub-Ohm THC tanks produce more vapor and intensified flavor.
Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. Our tanks our beautifully designed to handle long, clean hits.
Our adjustable airflow band is designed to give you the precise amount of vapor you want on every hit. Opening the airflow allows for a smoother lighter smoke, meanwhile, closing the O-ring will restrict airflow, allowing for an easier pull & bigger clouds.
Our Patented Dual Coil System allows a wider heat distribution, throughout the surface of each tank. Our Thc Sub-Ohm Tanks were specially designed to vaporize all forms of cannabis oils.
Premium materials surrounding its elegant shape and design, the cold feel of a black matte, stainless steel finish runs across the mouthpiece and o-ring.
Our Tank Includes An Anti-burn Feature, Splitting The Voltage Distribution Between Two Individual Coils! Each Tank Is Made To Taste It’s Very Best Down To It’s Last, With Coils Calibrated To Heat Your Oils Precisely.
Our Sub-OHM Tanks are Clog resistant. You can ensure that you will receive every potent puff from start to finish.



Supherbs System Consist Of Three Major Components. It’s Dual Coil, Sub-Ohm Tank & The Adjustable Airflow.

Our distinct dual coil enhances the vaping experience, using lower temps, creating bigger clouds. The Sub-Ohm Tank is crafted from borosilicate glass, preserving the quality of each terpene profile, as well as, maximizing the potency of THC oil.

The O-ring is a premium matte black stainless steel, used for adjustable airflow. A major component used to customize the amount of air flowing through the tank.

Automattic Cut-off

Space Age

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Personal Settings. Epic Clouds.

See what powers our award winning batteries.
Using The Traditional Micro-Usb Charging Port And Charger, The Supherb V2 Features A Rechargeable Capability. One Charge Of The V2 Battery will last about 24 working hours.
A small sleek screen, with five illuminated settings, gives you easy access to explore new highs. Includes 2.8v, 2.9v, 3.0v, 3.1v, 3.2v
Our Sub-Ohm Tanks are designed with both Anti-clog and Anti-burn technology. Allowing for the cleanest clouds on the market.
The V2 Is Capable Of 2x The Battery Life, Compared To The V1, This Device Will Last 3-4 Days. (Based On An Average Of 4-5 Hits A Day)
Our vast compatibility to your favorite brands means no matter who you vape with, our V2 is here to improve the experience.

Single Button Draw


The revolutionary SPRB V2, is changing how cannabis is consumed entirely. Integrated with five levels of voltage, the opportunities for the large cloud experience are endless. A small sleek screen, with five illuminated settings, gives you easy access to explore new highs. Each battery is perfectly calibrated and built to sit as one of the most prized and compact possessions in your collection. The SPRB V2 also offers 2x the battery life with the exact same durability, made from high-quality stainless steel.  

Durable. Compact. Powerful.

Perfectly Calibrated Temperature Setting 

When the device detects a short, it will stop firing, and the LED light will flash purple 3 times.
When the battery level drops below 3.0V, the device will not function and the LED light will flash red 15 times to remind you to charge your device.
When the temperature of the chip is above 75 °C/167 °F, the LED light will be yellow for 3 seconds and the device will cut off.
The preset continuous fire time is 10 seconds, after 10 seconds of continuous firing, the LED light will flash purple 10 times and the device will stop firing.
When the temperature of the chip is above 75 °C/167 °F, the LED light will be yellow for 3 seconds and the device will cut off.

Automatic Cutoff


Supherb’s classic rechargeable battery-powered device is a small but mighty pocket-sized system that is draw-activated. Our technology offers various airflow adjustments that are engineered to personalize the experience between uses. An authenticity hologram sticker has been added for additional security.